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Lazy Day

I had a second day off today, cathcing up from Continuum. I wrote a review of the Witch Cycle, two free Call of Cthulhu scenarios by David Conyers et al. One was published a long time ago by Pagan under the name The Devil's Children and is one of the best designed RPG supplements you'll ever see.

I also checked over the latest issue of the 'zine but my French oppo, Régis, has already done most of the work so there was little for me to do. So I just dozed and played computer games, wrote a plan for my d20 CoC DG submission for The Black Seal. I've got until November to finish it but all the Cthulhu gaming at the weekend has given me ideas to improve the scenario (with other possible solutions to the rather desperate one found by pond823 ).

I've also become a Missionary for Chaosium and so will travel the country offering games to strangers at motorway service stations. Maybe I should get a black suit and go around with Elder Mason, knocking on people's doors and offering to show them the Word of Nyarlathotep. It's almost worth filming, maybe I'll see what Tom thinks.


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