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No remission

So I ran my (or more properly cavalorn's Unremitting Horror game at Dragonmeet, and then on Wednesday I ran the final part of my Call of CthulhuGURPS fantasy game. Our brave little PC's triumphed over evil - they had Aradia's grandfather eat some suckling pig containing some of the chaos juice (squeezed from evil plants). This activated his chaos taint and transformed him into some large Mythos beasty (Dark Young) right in the halls of the Order of St Jerome, the knighlty order he had founded to root out chaos.

He was duly dispatched after an epic combat. Sean once again made use of the brokeness of Enlarge to transform into a 30m bear (although he could have managed 1/2km). It did seem somehow fitting to have the two giant creatures fighting each other inside the Great Hall so I let it ride. In any case the bear almost died and was saved in extremis when Aradia offed to beast with a torch to its underbelly. Of course in true pulp fashion the head escaped to fight another day.

Now comes the hard part, rewriting (or actually writing given that my notes are sparse to say the least) the scenario as CoC Dark Ages. I'm probably being far too anal about it but I want my 10th C Rodez to be pretty much the same as the real 10th C Rodez. I've found a fair amount of website goodness on the matter but nothing on the actual population, or the state of the walls. If only I could get Bousquet's book.

Even my games of Dogs in the Vineyard seem really to be horror games. I wonder why I'm so taken by the genre.

This week I'm not running anything for a change. Instead we'll be playing My Life with Jesus. I snagged Judas:
More than Human: Romans will do what he asks them to do, except for Pontius.
Less than Human: Unable to say the truth, except to Satan.
Connections: Pontius Pilate, Satan.

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