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Page XX is go!

I finally found something to write for Page XX that should mesh with what robin_d_laws has done, not that he makes it easy! But then, if it stretches my writing all the better. So I'm writing another Turjan piece and aiming for 'wistful melancholoy, beauty and death'. But, as I pointed out to Simon, it will probably end up as picaresque ribaldry when played - this seem the fate of even the most serious Dying Earth game.

I've had to put Spleen to one side for a bit as Page XX has to be done in 2 weeks, and I've got at least 3 weeks until Spleen need be done. I think it's probably playable at the moment but most of it is not down on paper yet so I need to sort that out.

I did manage to finish my review of David Conyers' the Witch Cycle for and, although it's pretty well written for a change, I haven't really said much on what the adventure is actually about. I guess I was trying to avoid spoilers but Dan pulled me up on it, and he's got a fair point.

Maybe it's because I've been incredibly tired this week, partly down to Con last weekend, and partly because I just don't like going to bed! I never have. I don't mind dreaming, or not being tired, but I find the day is too short for all I want to do. On the other hand, I was pretty useless at work today, and the buggers are, still!, paying me.

And so to bed.


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