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Cautiously optimistic

On previous night flights from the US, I've manned up and stayed awake all day on my return to the UK. This usually keeps the jet lag at bay for a couple of days but then I get beaten with sticks, sometimes being unable to sleep at all for several nights. And even before that happens, I get the curious feeling of having no idea whether it be day or night, even when looking out of the window.

So, as previously mentioned and garbled, I'm trying the melatonin reset plan. The idea is that you don't eat on the plane and then have a meal when you land to reset your body clock (although this article suggests that you might need to fast for longer. I guess I should go to the source, it's hard to find good scientific journalism, especially in the Daily Mail).

So we didn't eat any snacks or dinner on the plane and I managed to sleep about 5 of the 7 hours we were in flight. I didn't quite follow the letter of the law and had breakfast on the plane. This was probably a mistake because it was at 5am UK time and I don't usually have mine until 7:25am.

But after we landed, neither of us felt particularly tired. We went to the sorting office to get our post and had bacon butties for lunch before doing our grocery shopping. We both took a hit later, and slept for a couple of hours, waking around 3:30pm.

chilledchimp went to bed early at around 9pm but, with a brief wobble at around 10pm, I was until 1am, about my normal bedtime.

Neither of us found it hard to get up this morning and I've been feeling pretty OK all day. I haven't had the kind of crash I had yesterday and I'm not feeling time-detached, even though the blinds are shut at work to keep out the 30C sunshine.

Of course, I only have one data point so my report is hardly scientific but it's looking quite good so far. And if I can convince myself that it works, I'll get the benefit of a placebo effect.
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