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We went to the theatre this evening and caught the single performance of Babalon at Rada. It's about Jack Parsons, rocket scientist and magician, correspondent of Crowley's and colleague of Hubbard (in as much as LRH stole his wife and money).

It was a strange mixture of radio play (its original format) with back projected images and the occasional live appearance from Babalon herself. It was a pretty entertaining evening last about 2 hours and included some impressive enochian group chanting that last well over 10 minutes and the odd tantric rite. I knew a bit about Parson's beforehand but this gave much more.

The seriousness of the magical debates, the rituals and the squabbling was tempered with a fair amount of humour. For example, at the start and end of either act there was a jingle to a jaunty little tune for Crowley magical pills:
"From the Order of the Temple of the East
Comes the one that is called the Beast
To protect you in this aeon from strife
Use Crowley's Elixir of Life"

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