gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,


Radiolab is an American Radio Show about science. You can download it as a podcast. It's very good. It is science and its people, but not in a way that interrupts the science. There are two presenters, one who believes in God and one who doesn't but they don't argue too much.

I've listened to two of them so far, Emergence and Yellow Fluff. The first is about the way complex behaviour emerges in groups, ants for example have no directing intelligence but still manage to find food, people in groups can on average predict the number of beans in a jar. The second was about the process of science. Funnily enough, there's a scientist who believes in some kind anthrocentrism, the purpose of people is to behold the universe. Of course, if he'd listened to the first programme, he'd have realised it was just emergence.

The one I'm listening to now is Stochasticity and starts with the story of Laura Buxton.

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