gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

Down these means streets

HP Podcraft's latest issue discusses The Street, clearly one of the worst Lovecraftian stories that he ever wrote. On the other hand the discussion about HPL and modernism, from about 20 minutes in, is very interesting indeed. It sets up the Miskatonic Valley against Modernism with its Christian views. HPL loved the Classics and they say to know the gods is to invite madness.

HPL said that he wrote the short story Facts Concerning the Late Arthur Jermyn and His Family" after he "had nearly fallen asleep over the tame backstairs gossip of Anderson's Winesburg, Ohio." HPL wrote that he wanted to write something that would make Winesburg sound like "the annual report of a sunday school" So in Winesburg they might have a few moral issues but in AJ, the guy's a freaking monkey-man (which is kind of ironic given HPL's atheism and his, and I'm just presuming, support of Darwin's theories).

I would go and read TdL on this but I really need to tidy my books first. By which I mean, I can't find it.

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