gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

Let's get this party started

gbsteve's LJ New Year Party (Now At Least 9% Politically Correct!)

Started : 01st January 2006 12:40:37 AM

Ended : 01st January 2006 09:13:29 AM
Alco Money! : $ 320

Guests of Honour

gbsteve is a downcast Taoist and a ravaging boozehound who consumes alcohol like a Mid-west tornado consumes redneck barns. gbsteve drank 1 Pernod, 1 Goldschlager.
oldmotherchaos is a graceful Hindu. oldmotherchaos drank 5 Stouts, 2 Aligator Bites, 2 Irish Creams, 5 Brandys, 1 Cosmopolitan.
pwca is a demonic Hindu as well as a part-time heavy drinker who constantly reprimands children for typos on internet forums. pwca drank 2 Vermouths, 1 Cognac, 2 White Wines, 1 Ale.
cavalorn is a repugnant Fundementalist Christian who once wrote 'If You Come Down My Chimney Again I Shall Tear Your Furry Balls Off' in a letter to Santa. cavalorn decided to not drink because of their religious beliefs.
robin_d_laws is a dispirited Atheist. robin_d_laws drank 1 Poteen, 4 Brandys, 9 Hot Toddys, 2 White Russians.
whollyrandom is a neurotic Hindu and an overweight, boozed up - spadehead. whollyrandom drank 6 Poteens.
lumpley is a fiery Buddhist and usually an abstainer from all things alcoholic who shits whenever or whenever they get the inkling for it. lumpley drank 2 Pilsners, 10 Pernods.
angusabranson is an overwrought Muslim. angusabranson drank 5 Rums, 11 Ciders.
queenortart is a damnable Taoist who makes Idi Amin look like a frustrated baby who hasn't been winding before bo-bo. queenortart drank 2 Pulques, 1 Lager.
mytholder is a bewildered Buddhist and a bumbling, stumbling, bona-fide drunk. mytholder drank 9 Stouts.


A word of warning never EVER use gbsteve's toilet. You'll see what I mean when you get in there! My god the vomit!


As per usual robin_d_laws was the first person to pass out in the party - cavalorn tried to captalise on this by flogging the alcoholic to near-death with the King James Version. robin_d_laws is currently making a steady recovery in hospital.


It was to everyones surprise that by the end of the evening oldmotherchaos and pwca were kissing the face off each other like two deranged love hounds.

The Drunkest

lumpley you just don't know when to stop do yer? Get down and give me 20! AND MOP THAT SICK UP!

Random Events

cavalorn accused mytholder of having sold their brothers vibrator to slovakian terrorists in exchange for a guided tour of a gay brothel in minsk.

lumpley and mytholder fought all night after mytholder whipped out a picture
of lumpley's naked ass and passed it around to alll of the giggling minnions in the room. whollyrandom wet themselves amidst the hysteria.

Happy New Year!

Do you believe in all of that New Years Resolution shit? If not, celebrate the New Year as you mean to go on with the ultimate new years party from hell!

Enter your name below to experience the ultimate in complete useless bollocks!

Your Hero God Loves Coke.


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