gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

Terminus Est

Terminus Est is new indie game about the apocalypse which occurs in different historical stages. You can see the first draft at the Machine Age website.

Here's a character I made earlier.

Thomas was a minor scrivener at the Court in Westminster when the plague struck, killing upwards of a third of the 70,000 people living in London. For some reason Thomas seemed unaffected by the disease, even when helping to drag dead servants out of the palace to throw them in the Thames. With the country facing disaster, Edward III acted quickly to stabilise wages. Scriveners worked round the clock to write the legislation and Thomas, taking advantage of field promotions, was chief amongst these.

Horse: The Black Horse Thomas uses his quick wit as an equaliser between standing and power. No door is shut to the right word.

Ferocity: 1 Thomas is an only child and tends to avoid fights were he can.

Creativity: 4 Thomas has a quick wit and knows what his supperiors want to hear.

Tenacity: 2 Thomas has managed to stay fit when many have died.

Divinity: 3 Thomas seems to have everything fall into his lap, although his friends haven't fared half as well.

Flattery: Thomas knows what to say to get round people
Streetwise: And if needs to be found, Thomas can probably get it for you
Law: Thomas' job requires a good knowledge of the workings of the kingdom
Dodging: Thomas doesn't like to get hurt

Self 7
Destiny 5

Persistance: Advanced, even when finally cornered, Thomas somehow resists all blows to his body and self.
Balance: Basic, Thomas easily sees the weaknesses of his enemies and can often pass them unseen.

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