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Two Weddings and a Scenario

My Bloody Report is still not finished but should be done by the end of this week but it still meant that I worked my first 12 hour shift ever last week. For a Civil Servant, that's just not on. Add to that Page XX which I've not yet finished, and two weddings and I'll be glad to see the back of August.

The first wedding was Jo and Jeff. There's some history here as I was engaged to be married to Jo in about 1988 and we spent 7 years together before I left 10 years ago and married Paula (albeit 4 years later). Paula felt some discomfort although we were unable to pin it down. Jo and I parted on good terms and she even drove Paula and I to the airport for our honeymoon, so really it's old news for me.

The wedding was in the Great Hall of Caerphilly Castle. A glorious venue in a most disappointing town. We arrived a day early to have a look round and found that, castle aside, the best that Caerphilly has to offer is two motels and a carvery. So if ever you go there. Spend an hour or so in the castle, which is mainly ruins and so warrants little more time, and pass on through to somewhere interesting. We spent Saturday morning in the pub, reading the papers and waiting for the happy event, and it was just that. A pleasant occasion for friends and family.

The bridesmaids were in navy and the bride in cream satin. All the dresses were vaguely celtic/medieval. Team Groom, more of which later, were in Welsh tartan kilts. Apparently only one of them went commando but we didn't verify.

It was a pleasant civil ceremony but the meal was disappointing. We had to leave before desert or cake and head back to London for wedding #2 on the Sunday. We got back about 11pm - just enough time to ablute and sleep before the next adventure.

We were thankfully given a lift to Winchester by JD and Lucya for Gary and Emma's wedding. Gary is Lucya's ex so this business is perhaps not so uncommon as one might think. In any case, the venue was St Catherine's Hill just outside Winchester, which is well worth a day-trip from London for the medieval streets, cathedral and fake round table. Apparently this last was made for Henry VIII for a fancy dress party. Flash git! I usually just try a different colour t-shirt.

JD has air-con in his car and so we avoided the usual English problem of not really being prepared for summer and sweating like pigs. But when we arrived, we found that the mile and a half trek including 300+ steps up the 327' hill meant that all such planning was brought to nothing.

The wedding took place in a leafy beach glade on the top of the hill. Team Bride wore navy (again!) and the bride a glorious silver leafy green sari. Team Groom chose a more sober black but decorated with many sparkles. The theme was vaguely pagany/humanisticy (including invoking Shiva to protect us) as we had been assembled as friends to give our blessing to the marriage (the official bits having been done several weeks previously). And really it was rather nice.

Afterwards we broke out picnics and attracted many wasps, but nobody got stung so maybe Shiva was looking down on us after all.


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