gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

Curiously dull

So I stayed up until 3am to watch the Superbowl, although I don't know how it merits the Super epithet. I've been watching them on and off for 20 years, or at least when available on terrestrial TV and last nights game had none of the fireworks or excitement that usually come with these encounters (except perhaps for the one trick play by Randle El). Even the half-time show was some rock has-beens who are more pantomime dames than principal boys. Maybe that's real football, where results are ground out by defences, but even then neither team really showed any consistency. I suppose the one time the Seattle made a big defensive error, Pittsburg broke the running touchdown record.

The switch from Channel 5 for the final, where they have real Football experts to ITV, where they have the daughter of the ex Wales manager didn't help. It's also strange that the American commentators feel the need to explain the rules at almost every down. I don't think I'd watch it if I didn't understand it. You don't get Motty at the Cup Final saying "And that's the goal, if they get the ball in there they might just win" - actually, I'm not sure I'd put it past him. But he wouldn't say it to explain anything, just to fill the time with tenuous links more inane and increasingly surreal banter. You know the kind of thing - "And Spurs of course, their ground built on the site of a slaughter house, which is what Sunderland can expect if they don't contain the front two."

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