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Gaming - Time & Temp 1

It was our regular gaming night tonight but because of snow and other inconveniences only two players could make it simonjrogers and kruku. And this was a shame because not only was it Twelth Night but also I'd brought an Epiphany Cake and a Time & Temp scenario set around the writing of Twelth Night (a la Shakespeare in Love - I just knicked the cast of characters for my NPCs).

Time & Temp is Epidiah Ravachol's game of time-fixing temps, all wonderfully presented in manila drop folders and employee booklets. The whole game is a handout for itself and is generally well written and funny. In it you play temporary workers whose job it is to fix potential time paradoxes. You play temps because a)you're cheap and expendable and b)being unimportant you're less likely to cause paradoxes. Important people are expensive, not expendable and much more likely to be noticed ("Hmm, I don't remember Elvis being in the Bayeux Tapestry?").

What's a paradox. Well, imagine you have a time machine and you're very sore at the low SAT scores you got. An easy rememdy is go back and become the person who marks your own test, and give yourself a nice big Ivy League score. Simple. The trouble is, with the big SAT score, you'll never realise that you need to go back to fix them and so create a paradox. And what do paradoxes do? They destroy all of existence, everywhere and when, which is a BAD THING.

The system used for this game is fairly complex, but we think we've got the hang of it. You roll dice and decide whether you want to suceed or fail or cause an incident. You then right the resulting number in a matrix. The matrix is a record of the characters' impact on the time continuum and basically, the more they mess with stuff, the more likely they are to cause a paradox and destroy everything. The answer is a quick in, quick out fix job, but it's rarely that simple. But Time can also throw you a bone sometimes and there are ways of generating synchronicities that allow you to manipulate time in all manner of Bill & Ted ways.

The scenario involved some problem with 12th Night, apparently some women from the future fancied herself in a role and had gone back to have a go. Nothing to bad you say but when Will was heard to whistle a certain Lennon & McCartney tune and have a line about Viola "being washed on sands so yellow, submarine creatures carried me from below".

And that's when the trouble started. In trying to unmask the time traveller, our characters accidentally suggested that Will could pay off his creditors by mentioning the wares of certain merchants in his plays, "Out damn spot! out, I say! One; two: had I but of Walsingham's Patent Spot Remover. Fie!"


I'm enjoying running this and I can see that things are coming to a head with paradox looming close in the next session.
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