gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

The evils of SP2

That was nasty. My Win 95 machine finally died so I transferred my HD to my XP machine, added a wireless broadband card and uploaded SP2. Big mistake. I was getting the BSOD every time I rebooted and my CDRW was no longer recognised by my PC.

I've managed to get round the greater of these two evils by suspending the MS Indexing service. I don't know why but it doesn't like Netgear and causes Bad_Pool_Header errors. So now I can surf although my PC does pause every two minutes or so for some reason. So that's next on my hit list.

So how did I cope before email? I just don't know! It's like being half deaf, and I don't want to be without for a month ever again, geek that I am.

In the meantime, Paula is now UK National Cthulhu Champion and I've been playtesting the Book of Unremitting Horror, a dark OGL publication from Pelgrane.


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