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Gaming - Time & Temp 4

So we thought we'd give it yet another go this week, we're quite enjoying it and now we've got all the rules sorted out it's running pretty smoothly.

The first port of call was the early 60s, someone at UCL had created a machine that was sending messages back in time. Todd looked at bit hungover when he explained the situation and so he didn't really make it clear what was needed. There was even a TPS on the 60s so going back and sorting out the students who had got a bit creative with the synchrotron was very easy. After emerging from a Police Box in Carnaby St and hanging out with some cool dudes, they reversed the polarity of the neutron flow and slagged the whole machine. There was even time for a bit of sightseeing and shopping. However when they read the students' notes which mention an Edward Kelley and a Dr Dee, they realized something was amiss. Hightailing it back to Todd, they found out that the message were supposed to happen, Kelley was telling Dee that they were angels talking in Enochian.

So now the team have to go back to 1601 to ensure that Dee gets his angelic messages from Kelley. Unfortunately this is the same time that they dealt with Germaine Greer intruding into Shakespeare's life so there's already a pretty full matrix. Our heroes emerge in the Palace of Westminster and become suspected of foule witchcrafte and sorcelleries. They flee to a nearby pub and learn that Dee is staying in Clerkenwell (on a visit to see the Queen from his position as Warden of Christ Church, Manchester). On quizzing the locals they ascertain the location of Dee's house but not before setting fire to the sky as the anomalies mount up. Also, paradox is also getting bad, one number is locked in on the anachronometer. Dee is not at home and his maid has been forbidden to mention Kelley's name by Dee's wife who is less than enamoured of him and he has been chased from the house. Nevertheless, they trace him to digs in Moorgate and thence to a pub in Bishopsgate where he is found to be deep in conversation with Kit Marlowe (who died in 1593 but we'll gloss over that). Using poetry about angels, an attempt is made to impress Kelley but he's nothing but a coward and runs away, especially when an earthquake half destroys the pub. Marlowe on the other hand is impressed and wants to stay close to Dibble, a poet for this modern age. Dibble, and Lewis, manage, via the intermediary of flipcharts and flowcharts, to prove to Marlowe that Dibble is objectively dull and not worthy of his companionship. Marlowe goes off to drown his sorrows in Deptford.

Another very fun session which is starting to get quite hairy, anomalies are multiplying and two paradox dice are now locked in. How can the Temps save the day without destroying all of existence?
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