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Gaming - Time & Temp 5, Wilderness of Mirrors

Time & Temp was over all too quickly tonight, having amassed 5 synchronicity tokens and being two paradox locked dice away from destroying the universe, our Temps went into a spending frenzy. Locating Edward Kelley with a previously placed tracking device, they encountered their entire team from the future, although bizarrely one of them seemed younger. They explained that they had already been back to 1962 and repaired the synchrotron so that Kelley would once again receive the message which he could pass on to Dee. Case closed.

Everyone really enjoyed this game and I whole-heartedly recommend it to everyone. We played it on the less serious end of the scale, ghostbustery, but I'm sure it would work equally well for Dr Who or Sapphire & Steel. Go here and buy one, now, or yesterday even. It's possibly the best $10 you'll spend on a game.

So we spent the rest of the night playing Wilderness of Mirrors, John Wicks' spy game. It's only 14 pages long and comes in an attractive cover, transparent plastic over mirrored card. The conceit is that once you've made your agents (whose stats relate to how they accomplish things, through orders, killing, charisma, tech or stealth), the GM sets a goal and the PCs give facts about this goal and these make up the mission. So we had to retrieve plans from London of a casino vault in Hong Kong in which was held a 20 Kg suitcase. The casino was owned by an ex-KGB man with an token ethnic and disabled henchman and a double entendre girlfriend. Our code names were Morningstar, Wick, Stafford, Nixon and Lizard and it rather went downhill from their really. The system is quite fun but not really set up for the PVP madness that ensues as soon as we're set loose on game with very little in the way of creative constraints and a determination to get in as many bad James Bond type puns as possible. There were some high points but the rules weren't really up to carrying the game. I think even if we'd all taken it deadly seriously we probably wouldn't have made it any better. As I said, it's only 14 pages long so really it's the starting place for a more developped game. But it was quite fun and filled the gap between the very sudden end of Time & Temp and whatever we're starting next week.
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