gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

Dat who!

The Superbowl was a strange affair last night. There was so much good football on show that it was strangely muted. Apart from two incidents in the second half, both teams just got on with the job of good offensive and good defense. Ultimately what won the game for the Saints was aggression, the onside kick at the start of the second half and the interception near the end. Actually their deep pass coverage was very good too, I can only recall one long pass from the Colts. They did well with their running plays but this ate up the clock and seemed to put Manning off his stride a bit. The Colts never did quite manage to find their extra gear, when they went 10-0 up I thought they might run away with the game but the Saints just kept plugging away.

Finally, the half-time show was a bit sad. The Who just don't have it any more. Daltrey's voice has lost its power and Townsend just shouldn't sing at all. It was very much living on past glories.

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