gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

Top 50

How many of the top 50 US cities by population have you visited? I've been to 16 (in  bold) although three of them were only for changes of plane (in italics).

Rank   City   State  
1 New York New York
2 Los Angeles California
3 Chicago Illinois
4 Houston Texas

5 Phoenix Arizona
6 Philadelphia Pennsylvania
7 San Antonio Texas
8 Dallas Texas
9 San Diego California
10 San Jose California
11 Detroit Michigan
12 San Francisco California
13 Jacksonville Florida
14 Indianapolis Indiana
15 Austin Texas
16 Columbus Ohio
17 Fort Worth Texas
18 Charlotte North Carolina
19 Memphis Tennessee
20 Baltimore Maryland
21 Boston Massachusetts
22 El Paso Texas
23 Milwaukee Wisconsin
24 Denver Colorado
25 Seattle Washington
26 Nashville Tennessee
27 Washington District of Columbia

28 Las Vegas Nevada
29 Portland Oregon
30 Louisville Kentucky
31 Oklahoma City Oklahoma
32 Tucson Arizona
33 Atlanta Georgia
34 Albuquerque New Mexico

35 Kansas City Missouri
36 Fresno California
37 Sacramento California
38 Long Beach California
39 Mesa Arizona
40 Omaha Nebraska
41 Cleveland Ohio
42 Virginia Beach Virginia
43 Miami Florida
44 Oakland California
45 Raleigh North Carolina
46 Tulsa Oklahoma
47 Minneapolis Minnesota
48 Colorado Springs Colorado
49 Honolulu Hawaii
50 Arlington Texas

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