gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

Beating the drop

Two weeks ago Zola was out, this week he's the saviour of West Ham, based on us winning twice in a row for the first time in almost a year. Our players aren't quite the same as during the last relegation battle but they seem up for it, certainly more so than Bolton, Portsmouth or Wigan which is all that is required. I don't suppose we'll have many more consecutive victories this year as out remaining away fixtures are Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal, Everton, Liverpool and Fulham. Conversely our home fixtures are Bolton, Stoke, Wolves, Sunderland, Wigan and Man City and I expect that three wins out of those six should be enough to stay up and I would hope for five.

As ever, most of the chat around the team is about who is leaving at the end of the season with Upson, Green and Behrami top of the list at the moment. I guess we'll just have to see what Zola can do to persuade them to stay. A decent run in with some chance of European football next year might be enough and if we managed to get some defensive stability, I wouldn't put that beyond us.

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