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Gaming - Swashbucklers of the Seven Skies

It was John's turn to run a game tonight and so we had our second taste of PDQ which we'd last encountered in a rather more simplified format in Truth & Justice two years ago. It's a big fat book, especially for an indie game and although much of it is setting, there's enough crunch that you can't get by on just 30 minutes reading on the train to work. I do have a few criticisms about the layout in that it's not immediately clear how all the stuff at the top of the character sheet works in the same way, and the book could do with some more examples of what is meant by Past for example.

But John had put in the appropriate amount of time and so we got away without any trouble really. Still, I think it took about 40 minutes to do character generation although I think it would be much quicker on a second go.

We had 4 PCs, a parrot riding cavalier, an obsessive teutonic pedant, and a couple of nobles slumming it, one who had fallen, the other who chose to slum it, and our ship, the Indefatigable (or Indy for short).

The system was grasped fairly quickly although there is still some confusion over the currency, confusingly called dice when tokens might have been better, and there seem to be two kinds. And why do you roll 2 dice sometimes and three dice at other times (duels or not duels)? So not perhaps quite as smooth as our first encounter with the system.

However, it was a very fun game to play. By the time you've created a character, you have someone who fits very well into the milieu and also is designed to operate in the correct swashbuckling idiom, be it bloodthirsty, panache, desparation or cluelessness.

John kept us well supplied with appropriate adversaries and we in turn did all the silly moves you could imagine such as twirling a dwarf overboard by his moustache, impregnating another character's sister or using the excuse of cleaning the inside of a canon as a big defensive bonus against some angry enemy sailors.

I'd willingly play it more.
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