gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

25 again

Today is chilledchimp's birthday and she decided she'd like to have a look at something other than caves so we took the bus North up to Golden Bay, a delicious little rocky cove with, asthe name suggests, a good yellow beach. We walked up and down, chased waves and ate ice cream before boarding another bus to Mgarr, a small village further down the coast. From here we walked down the rocky valley road through a dramatic landscape to another even more deserted beach. The only people about seemed to be a few fishermen and a couple of small boys stamping on jellyfish. The walk back was a bit harder, 1 in 5 in some places and in the midday sun too but we survived and it was a glorious walk. We hoped on another bus back to Valletta.

At the third time of asking we managed to get into the Baroque cathedral of St John, remarkable for being the centre of faith for the Order of St John (no sign of ambulances though) and housing a couple of Caravaggios, St Jerome and the beheading of John the Baptist, an incredibly naturalistic treatment of the subject.

And now we're back at the hotel getting ready to go out for a slap-up dinner, a la Desparate Dan no doubt.
Tags: malta

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