gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

Reading - Exquisite Corpse

This week I started to read Sandra Cisnero's Woman Hollering Creek. It's a book of short stories and short character studies. It has glowing reviews from the FT, NYT, LAT and the Indie but even on a second go, I'll still haven't been able to get very far. The short pieces, often less than two pages long, are just too short. I've read quite a lot of micro-fiction but these pieces aren't stories and don't really deliver enough. You just start to get interested and then they stop. It's very frustrating.

So I stopped and instead read Robert Irwin's Exquisite Corpse. This is the story of Caspar, a memeber of the 'Serapion Brotherhood', the English surrealists. It's at once an historical perspective of surrealism, a love story and a mystery. It's also very well written and funny.
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