gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

It's the real World Cup

Some of you might remember last year that I tasted and posted about all the new Walkers crisp flavours, settling on the English Breakfast as the winner. This year, in support of the World Cup, comes the Flavour Cup, 15 new flavours from some of the participating countries (and Wales).

So I'm going to put these to the taste test too and have a little competition. Anyone who can correctly guess my top three from the list will receive a multipack of the crisps.

Here, in the order as tried by Charlie Brooker, are the contenders:

Japanese chicken teriyaki
Scottish haggis
Argentinian flame-grilled steak
English roast beef and yorkshire pudding
German bratwurst sausage
Dutch edam
Welsh rarebit
South African sweet chutney
Italian spaghetti bolognese
Brazilian salsa
Spanish chicken paella
Irish stew
French garlic baguette
Australian BBQ kangaroo
American cheeseburger
Tags: crisps

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