gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

Maybe it's because I'm a funk soul brother

As it is with Fatboy Slim, my great uncle Bill didn't use his real name, Norman Cook. Actually Fatboy Slim's real name is really Quentin and so we have the equation Bill > Norman > Quentin. Other similar equations from uncles and friends include Cyril > Cecil, Bill > Matthew, John > Eustace and Rosie > Richard. My own personal contribution is Steve > John. My name isn't John but given that my Dad was Michael John and his John Michael, it was close run thing.

Bill was married to my Mum's aunt Dot. She signed her letters Grey Tante Dot and was sympathetically known as Mad Aunt Dot for escapades such as parachuting from an upstairs window with a brolly when she was young (having been put up to it by my granddad) and sitting in a box and barking like a dog to amuse me and my brother when we were young.

But all that is by the by really. The reason I'm talking about Bill (Norman) Cook is that he was a founder of the Museum of London. Last Friday chilledchimp and I took part in a focus group looking at proposals for their new website (which included of all the naff things, a flash splash page). Hopefully they found it to be a productive two hours although there was hardly anything like a concensus. I think they need to sort out who their audience is.

On the way home I had an idea that to celebrate the launch and their originator, they ought to get Norman Cook to create a theme tune for the website, if possible by remixing sounds from their archive. I wonder what it would be called.

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