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Gaming - More Apocalyptic than Ever

We've played two more session of spencerpine's post-apocalyptic Trail of Cthulhu game. Two weeks ago we finished the Brighton Harvest and last week we engaged with some academics who thought they'd found a way of dealing with the Mythos once and for all. We dealt with them in the usual manner, although it might have been all so different had my character not been quite as mad. There was a wondeful mechanic used in the game but to talk about it would be to spoil it so you'll just have to wait and see.

One character has managed to survive the story so far and provide continuity which is nice but not a requisite for a game of this sort. And there has been a fair amount of messing directly with who or what the characters are but it's all for a good reason and works well. As I understand it, we're approaching the end of this chapter but I'll have fond memories of it.
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