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2016 is the thousand year anniversary of Canute's conquest of England. This is much less well known than the subsequent conquest by his wife's third cousin (which has lasted a fair while), or the one by his father two years earlier (which lasted only 5 weeks).

Canute's mum was Sigrid the Haughty who took a short way with suitors having a couple of them immolated. No messing with Sigrid then.

His father was Sweyn Forkbeard whose soubriquet actually applies to his moustache, indicating that it was possibly in the handblebar style. I see him as a pagan Terry Thomas. Perhaps it was a "Well, hello" approach that finally softened up Sigrid.

Canute's best remembered (although least likely) hour came at Bosham in West Sussex when he commanded the waves to halt. Perhaps there ought to be some celebration there in six years' time. Here is a street view of a likely spot, complete with evidence of having recently been visited by the Star Trek crew on a time jaunt.

*I was tempted to go with "þusend Knut out"

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