gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

Flavour Cup #1 - American Cheeseburger

It's been difficult in finding the new Walkers' flavours but our local Sainsbury is stocking 6 of the flavours. I may have to take a detour to Clapham Junction tomorrow to get some of the others in Asda.

So. When you open the packet and sniff, what you mostly get is the odour of pickles, slightly vinegary and fairly sweet. These are vegetarian crips, regardless of what the flavour might be, so I wasn't expecting full on steak. When you taste them the initial flavour is hard to pin down. It's a mix of sweet and savoury, again with overtones of pickle, perhaps some tomato in there too. Then as that fades, you do get the meaty taste of burger towards the back of your tongue. None of this last very long but I would say that this is an incredible achievement to get all the aromas of a cheeseburger in one vegetarian snack. It's a good start.
Tags: crisps

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