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Another day, another SteveCon

That's number VIII, or my sixth discounting the two in Australia. I thought it wasn't going to get off the ground when I'd spent two weeks looking for a venue without a hint of a hit. I don't know if it was me, or the hair or what, but I was getting plenty of hostility from the publicans. Maybe I should ask Paula next time, or just book by phone.

In any case we ended up at the Green Man again. It's not bad but the service is poor and Emma ended up with no food, again. Every time she comes something goes wrong for her so I'd like to get it right just once. People eventually turned up and it was great to see

</a></b></a>jholloway again. Last time we met, he bought my Azathoth at the Conjuration auction, so it was nice to return the favour by running a game of Cthulhu Dark Ages for him. It went pretty well too for a first try although I have to check my facts on penintence and purgatory.

I made some pretty decent characters and the backgrounds were well done so the adventure pretty much ran itself. Mind you it had to, I hadn't written anything else except for one NPC. I just built up the tension with more and more weird and nasty things happening until time was almost up and then hit them with the big bad. If the players go along with it, which they did, in spades, it's an easy way to run a one-off game.

Whollyrandom ran a game of Elizabethan Pulp supers in which I played Dr Dee, master sorcerer of the terrestrial sphere. An excellent game which could have easily lasted several sessions as we really got into our characters (the aformentioned Emma as Bacon, Mark as Drake and </a></b></a>akonken  as Marlow). But WR kept the pace quick and the interactions frothy and so we triumphed over the evil Spaniards in no time. Well, I did blow myself up and we had a nasty run in with Gallileo's mecha, but that's how these things should go!

The other games were:

  • a rerun of Radical Authorities' Flesh Eaters of SE15. Much flesh was eaten and from the laughter coming from that end of the room, went well;

  • an Orlanthi Heroquest game in which Balbinus shamed and nagged the bad guys into giving up (only in HQ!);

  • the final part of Jim's Apocalypse Bilbao. He should have seen it coming with Methuslah underpinning our hopes but it appears that the Beast has risen and Babylon has come. Balbinus, again, used his PCs artistic skills to attempt to rescue another from a painting with nasty consequence all round (only in the Puddle!).

I reckon I'll give it another go in a couple of months' time. It's just too much fun. I may even be the first to run a d20 game, in over 40 games! And I guess I should break out Dying Earth again, and not just for contractual obligations. </a></b></a>jholloway  is keen and I imagine Balbinus and RA would join in too.


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