gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

Scanning the Horizon: The Sigma Scan

It sounds like something from a cheap SF film, but this is actually a series of horizon scanning papers (available here) that look at possible futures by category, impact, likelihood and controversy.

So you can read about such things as:
- Intensified Research into Fusion Power
- Gene out of the bottle: Could genes from GMOs proliferate in nature?
- The kraken awakes: the impact of a cataclysmic seismic event
- Here be dragons?: Possible political unrest in key Asian states
- A delicate balance: the struggle for sustainable farming and fishing
- Europe looks West: A resurgence of pro-Atlanticism within the EU?
- Studies in Dystopia: Doomsday possibilities for the UK.
- It started with a click: online relationships and virtual sexuality
- City Limits? the future of London
- Junk science? The importance of public trust in science

There are over 200 papers with a decent search engine.

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