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Reading - When it Changed and Clarkesworld 2

Apparently I have only read one book this week, which sounds doubtful. I must have a better look.

Anyway, When It Changed is another excellent anthology from Comma Books. After Adam Marek's and Sean O'Brien's, this is the third of their books I've read this year.

I've just remembered that the other book I read was the second Clarkesworld anthology, more new uncanny (the title of another great Comma Books anthology) or slipstream. I remember seeing something (I wouldn't mind a pointer if someone else has seen this) that described the spectrum of such stories as ranging between sceptical and belief. The first is the kind of story which defines its terms and has some kind of closure, the second is well written (hopefully) but the reader must take much of it on trust because its nearly impossible to understand fully. My creative writing group tends to the sceptical and I vere towards the middle. There were still some stories in this book that I didn't get but on the whole I enjoyed it.

But back to When it Changed, apart from one story that failed to engage (by Liz Williams), I thoroughly enjoyed this lot. They are stories created through engagement between writers and scientists, mostly looking at the impact of higher tech than we have now. And it's edited by Geoff Ryman who not only writes great books but is also a civil servant. Hurrah for him!
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