gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

Flavour Cup #10, #11, #12 - the last three

I can't seem to find the three British but not English flavours anywhere. Maybe I'll have to email Walkers.

Anyway, here are the last three that I do have.

#10 - Spanish Chicken Paella - This one had a vague meaty flavour but didn't taste as chickeny as the regular roast chicken crisps, nor did it taste of any of the other paella flavours except perhaps tomato and onion. And of course, it tasted of paprika.

#11 - Japanese Teriyaki Chicken - Although this didn't taste particularly meaty, it did have a pleasant soy flavour with a bit of bite. There was no paprika (hurrah!) and the flavour was solid too, lasting after the crisp had gone. A good crisp.

#12 South African Chuntney - This has paprika, onions, strong tomato but also a bit of mustard that lifts it above several of the other crisps, giving more depth to the flavour. It also contains orange, in contrast to the Brazilian Salsa which had lemon. However you can't really taste it so that's a bit disappointing. But it's not bad.
Tags: crisps

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