gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

8 days a week

I've created six roleplaying games in the last year or so, which haven't really got off the page, except for #2:

1. Artists living in a post-future flooded Paris
2. The one about modern day reality
3. Love/Hate about how capability is sustained by relationships in high fantasy
4. That CoC variant where Mythos overwrites normal skills and relationships
5. Another fantasy game but more like Masters of Magic
6. The token system related to film plot arcs

I've also playtested:
1. Cold City
2. Cathulhu
3. Dark Pages
4. #2 from the above list

I've got two playtests pending:
1. Cold City - new version
2. Magicians of England

I've also written a scenario for a soon to be published game and run a campaign, Dark Ages Cthulhu transposed to GURPS Fantasy, plus several stand alone games such as Polaris, Dogs, Roach, PTA.

I've been to 4 SteveCons, two of which in France, Origins, Dragonmeet and that Cambridge Con running games at all except for Origins.

And in the real world, I've been promoted and managed six staff on a variety of challenging analytical problems.

So, is it any wonder that Places to Go, People to Be hasn't had a new issue in a while? Mind you Régis, our French supremo, is giving me regular kicks up the backside so something is less pending than it was.

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