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So that about wraps it up for God then

Now that the theoretical possibility of making life from scratch has become actual (albeit with a bit of handwaving about cell walls and recipes), that seems to remove another arrow from the quiver of divine qualities. If we can do, then it's not particular to a deity, not a quality of that deity. Now that lightning, birth, death, illness and recovery, gravity etc have all left the divine sphere, all that seems to be left is a load of nebulous qualities that are often so hard to define that their existence is moot anyway. Things like predestiny, omnipresence, souls and other magicks. God is the god of nothing of any import.


May. 21st, 2010 12:28 pm (UTC)
Some people would say this has already happened, given that I claim to have no soul and lived in France for 10 years.

They used synthetic DNA and an established genome as well a the cell wall from another bacteria. So not that big an advance really. It's not like they wrote the genome. That would be the real big step.