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I've got a friend who is wheat intolerant, possibly less in the "can't eat it" and more in the "won't eat it" category. In any case she was going to come round for supper one night and given our shared love of Mexican food I decided to make enchiladas (Mexican is the origami of food. The different names of the pancake related dishes generally involve a different kind of folding).

Whilst most taco shells are wheat-free is near impossible to find wheat-free soft tortillas without going to a Mexican food shop, and the nearest one of these is in Bethnal Green. On the other hand, Sainsburys sell Masa Harina, the fine ground corn meal that's used in tortillas so I decided to make my own. Unfortunately the meal was cancelled but we fancied fajitas last night so I gave it a go anyway.

The recipe only has two ingredients, flour and water. I mixed 250g of flour and 330ml of warm water and left to stand for 15 mins. I cooked the rest of meal whilst waiting so it was more like 30 minutes when I got round to dealing with the dough so I kneeded in a bit more water, made a sausage and chopped it into 12. Then came the hardest part of the process, rolling out the tortillas to a 3mm thickness.

I've got this really useful teflon baking sheet so I used that to wrap the pattie in so it wouldn't stick to the rolling pin. The trouble is that it's black and opaque so I had to keep stopping. Needless to say it took me a few goes to get the required thickness and none of my tortillas looked terribly round.

I also realised that you need the frying pan to be very hot so that they puff up nicely. It took almost an hour to do the 12 tortillas, cooking them as I rolled out the next one so I had to reheat them in the microwave before we ate but they tasted pretty good so I'll give it another go at some point.

Next time I'm in the US, or Bethnal Green, I'm getting me one of these, a 6kg, 7" cast iron tortilla press.

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