gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

If you like William Gibson

He reckons (in NyMag) you'll like these:
Tiger! Tiger! (1956) By Alfred Bester - brilliant

Dhalgren (1975)By Samuel R. Delany - not read

Arslan (1976) By M. J. Engh - not read (not even hear of)

The Crystal World (1966)By J. G. Ballard - not read

The Forever War (1974) By Joe Haldeman - brilliant

Pavane (1968) By Keith Roberts - excellent

Random Acts of Senseless Violence (1993) By Jack Womack - can't remember

Great Work of Time (1991) By John Crowley - not read

Holy Fire (1996) By Bruce Sterling - great

334 (1972)By Thomas M. Disch - very good

The opinions are mine. Of the ten, 5 of the 6 I've read are well worth reading but I can't really remember the Womack. There was a lot of cyberpunk around at the time. Did it have the church of Elvis in it? I couldn't say. Of these my absolute favourite is Pavane although the Bester is a joyful read.

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