gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

Bore da!

Possibly not the correct greeting for this time of day because my Welsh is very poor, but then I'm only 1/4 Welsh. For my birthday present from Paula we just had a fab four days in Anglesey with brilliant weather, great food and stunning scenery. There was nothing much to do in the evenings in Llangevni but we were so shagged out from walking that we just went to bed.

We saw seals, sheep, cows, magpies, oystercatchers, puffins, guillemots, more sheep, linnets, shags, comorants and more sheep, plus some sheep.

Here are some piccies - these will mess up your browserCollapse )
P.S. You seem to have gone LJ crazy in the last week so if I missed anything important please update me.

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