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This is what I was up to this weekend, a mad dash to Bordeaux to see my niece, Ema, christened. The priest actually said "Que la force soit avec vous" during the ceremony. As ani fule no, this mean "May the force be with you" if liberally translated.

Our travel arrangements were quite complicated. To cut costs, we took the nearest cheapest Ryanair flight. This left us in Poitiers. The plane was 30 minutes late landing because of a security alert, they miscounted the baggage at Stanstead. This left us 40 minutes to get a cab the 4km to the station. No sweat you might think but the cabbies of Poitiers had other ideas. They weren't any. We phoned for one to come from the station but he took 20 minutes to arrive and so after a mad dash with my 64 year old mother and my bronchitis afflicted wife, we missed the train by 2 minutes.

The next train with any space wasn't for 3 hours so we had ourselves a wander round Poitiers. It's quite a nice looking place, especially in the late autumn sunshine. We eventually got to my brother's 3 hours late and as he already had a housefull, we were put up in a cheap hotel. It's was very basic: one door for bathroom and bedroom and the washing basin tap extended out to become the shower head.

The next morning we had some time before the ceremony to have a quick look round Bordeaux. It's changed a bit since I was a student there 20 years ago. They've cleaned up many of the buildings and removed the black grime of ages that made it such a gloomy place on a rainy day. Now it's a bright modern city with a tram and many more pedestrian streets. Needless to say, I took the opportunity to check out the LGS. I found 2 cheap copies of Golden Dawn and the GM's kit for Mountains of Madness, all for less than £40.

Oh, and there was a christening too. Usual catholic stuff, although much more accomodating than I seem to remember of other faiths. There was a full spectrum of CoE, Muslim, Catholic, Budhist, Pagan and Atheists present so perhaps he was just playing to the room. In any case not a bad bash. Then we drove 40 miles to spend the night in some seaside chalets to drink and dance the night away. In true local style we didn't eat until 11:30 as they hadn't realised that the hall had no cooker so we had to haul the meal to the chalets and cook it in several parts and places. The couscous was pretty decent though and the piece montée the usual triumph.


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