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Gaming - Still on the trail

Only three players this week, as opposed to five last time round, so things went even more quickly.

Fitzgerald (the alienist) talked to the rest home and found out the other two had visisted it, without serious side-effects.

Having saved the Pluckley Papers from the Nazis, they examined them. Smeethe (the journalist) determined that there were instructions for making the Sign of Kish, the Elixir of Recombination (which still sounds too D&D, must think of a better name), summoning the Dark Mother, and some prophecies of Elizabeth Burton, a nun locked up in Newgate. Smeethe gained some Cthulhu Mythos. The Elixir puported to allow one to see through the eyes of one's ancestor (in game terms in was a spell similar to space mead and requiring, amongst other things, 20 stability).

All three investigated Regent's Dock, the place in which the creature which escaped from the plague pit was last seen. They was a fair amount of anecdotal evidence for a Monster of Regent's Dock (including an article in the esteemed journal Folklore - I may have a Harry Price piece on it too). From the papers it was clear that the Sign of Kish was the only way to stop the creature. The PCs have one, and instructions on making one but are missing the second part of the ritual on how to use it (that last bit retconned). They and hired a boat to go up one of the undeground canals. Whilst looking up a side tunnel, their boat (and boatman) was eaten by something with tentacles. They decided on discretion and retired.

By now it was clear that the monks had summoned the creature in 1534 but the PCs had been there to defeat them and bind the creature in the pit. So they had to go back to do this, finding the missing manuscript, and then come back and do the same in 1934.

Bridgwater visited the British Musuem and found some history pertaining to 1534, notably about Blackfriars and something about the Pluckley line. Smeethe and Bridgwater obtained some Oil of Abramalin from Crowley. Smeethe got her IPC contact to invite them to the meeting, and used the IPC's stability to fuel her ritual. They gave the IPC a fake copy of the ingredients and retired to Fitzgerald's to use the elixir.

All three arrived back in 1534, Fitzgerald as an Irish prince, Bridgwater as a merchant from Somerset and Smeethe as a city guard's wife. Having not agreed a meeting place, there was some initial confusion but they managed to meet up at Blackfriars and gained entrance to talk to the Prior. Having a Catholic Prince helped; there was some rearrangement of stats, Fitzgerald getting a whopping Credit Rating. He then explained to the prior that they were looking for evil monks doing a ritual. After escaping from the evil ritualist prior they regrouped and followed up a lead on the page of the manuscript. It had been printed by Wynkyn de Worde and they traced its source to a Jonathan Cunningham, a scribe at Westminster. As luck would have it, Fitzgerald was due there to make an appearance to prove he was still in the country. Monk robes were purchased.

There was some slight confusion over the reasons why the PCs had to travel back in time because the clue trail was developed as we went along but the players were entirely happy to take my justification of "because that's what clue X says, with X yet to be made entirely clear". Obviously it was in the Pluckley Papers (and I will have to change the name, it's a bit too Armitage Papers, any suggestions?), as explained earlier.

And that's it for a bit as Summer hols intervene.
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