gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

Reading on holiday

I've been pretty busy most of the hols so there hasn't been much time for reading but I did manage to get some in on the plane over and the last few days we've spent being gloriously restful with simonjrogers et al. The first book was C J Sansom's Dark Fire. It's the second in his series about Shardlake, a lawyer in Tudor London who is called upon to do Thomas Cromwell's dirty work, in this case find the Greek Fire that is being touted around London and also solve a murder case for a friend. It was OK. Not great art but it moved along and gave me some ideas about the period for my current game of Trail of CThulhu set in 1534.

The other book was a collection containing The Inimitable Jeeves, Very Good Jeeves! and Right Ho, Jeeves. It's Wodehouse, it's brilliant, everyone should read it (even if the last one, a novel rather than a short story collection does drag a little in places).
Tags: reading

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