gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

A few more books

I've read a few more bits and pieces, The Poison Eaters by Holly Black, a collection of horror stories on the edge of fairyland. Technically it's for teenagers but it seemed rather more sophisticated than that, several of the stories seemed to be the start of longer pieces, or perhaps they were good enough that I wanted to read more of them. In any case, one to look out for.

Memoirs of a Gone World by Martin Bax is another collection of shorts but this time with a wider remit, although many are what you might call slipstream. The cover has a misleading cross of star of David which only refers to one story and it's not even the title. The first sentence of the book is off putting, being about how someone's penis breaks off but on the whole it's better than that. Bax has some good ideas, the title story for example, a nice turn of phrase but his endings are a little too pat sometimes.
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