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Reading - Cthulhu's Reign

It's the End Times, what happens next? If you're feeling at all depressed or having some kind of mid-life crisis, I wouldn't recommend this collection of short stories about the dusk of humanity. There might be one that has any kind of happy ending. There are detailed reviews of the book here.

On the whole I enjoyed it although it did get a bit samey by the end. That's to be expected when everyone is writing about the same thing. It was more readable than the Apocalypse Reader which I tried earlier. The AR gave a more widespread interpretation to what the Apocalypse might be whereas here it's pretty much the same thing in each story although how people deal with that is different (until they get munched).

I thought the last story had an unsatisfying conclusion and I didn't get on with Vastation by Laird Barron. He says not to read it near the start and I didn't get much further than that (as one reviewer puts it "Vastation, Laird Barron - stream-of-consciousness narrative + Cthulhu = 18 pages of gibberish."). Given Barron's instruction, I didn't feel bad about it.

Most of the stories are not particularly Lovecraftian, perhaps one out of the whole collection. Given that I'm not so much a fan of HPLish prose, I didn't see that as a problem.



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Nov. 22nd, 2010 09:25 pm (UTC)
I've actually written a Con-game / Campaign intro adventure set after the coming of Cthullu and the end times..

Of course that isn't actually the way I describe the setting, that one of the deep mysteries of the campaign.

Or was until I shot my mouth off here....
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