gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

Cast adrift on the seas of fate

We played the new Z-Man Games edition of Tales of the Arabian Nights yesterday. It's a lovely looking game as you would expect and moreover good fun. You play an inhabitant of Baghdad seeking their foryune in he world. I was Ali Baba, unfairly exiled and seeking some means of redemption. I was siowrecked, twice, became a merchant and nraged powerful spirits and wizards. Imprisoned in the East whilst on a pilrimmage, I was dragged back to Baghad in chains. When I completed my Hajj, I was rewarded wih the Viziership. In the meantime, chilledchimp had become respected, married a prophet, become Sultana and was on the point of winning when she was whisked offf to a Crystal Cave giving me one last chance to get back home before she did. I failed.

It was a very enjoyable 2 hours, especially if you like roleplaying and haming it up a bit. Although there' not necessarily much skill involved.

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