gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

Last year's books

56 books last year, plus whatever I've forgotten. Slightly over one a week which is rather slow I reckon. Having a smart phone has slowed things down because I now read the internet on the way to and from work. Perhaps the novelty will wear off a bit and I'll get back to reading. In any case, larges amounts of slipstream, horror, noir and short stories.

Interfictions 2: An Anthology of Interstitial Writing
Sherlock Holmes & The Scroll of the Dead
He died with his eyes open
My Tango With Barbara Strozzi
Johannes Cabal the Necromancer
The White Cities
The City & The City
The Silence Room
Punktown - Shades of Grey
An Instruction Manual for Swallowing
Bad Penny Blues
Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang
Realms - the first year of Clarkesworld Magazine
Mexico City Noir
Voices from Punktown
Woman Hollering Creek
Exquisite Corpse
The Hopkins Manuscript
Cold Hand in Mine
Voices from Punktown
The Devil's Paintbrush
When it Changed
Clarkesworld 2
The Secret History
The Slynx
The Physiognomy
Night's Black Agents
I love you when I'm drunk
The Mind Parasites
ID Crimes of Identity
Tales from the Saragossa Manuscript
Night and the City
Dark Fire
The Inimitable Jeeves
Very Good Jeeves!
Right Ho, Jeeves
The Great God Pan
If the Dead Rise Not
Little Brother
The Baum Plan for Financial Independence
Swords & Dark Magic
An Apocalypse Reader
The Poison Eaters
Memoirs of a Gone World
Cthulhu's Reign
Angelica Lost and Found
Topology of a Phantom City
In Persuasion Nation
Civilwarland in Bad Decline
Possessed: The Secret of Myslotch
The Lifecycle of Software Objects
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