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Our game of FATE progresses, in rather a strange way. After having avoided a bar room brawl with some drug dealers, the crew of the Eleanor (aka Queen Vic) take an interest in any other contraband the local customs officers might have confiscated. They find out that there is an auction and visit the warehouse to view the lots. Here they take a strong interest in several items, some anagathics, a firewall program (for ship's defence), a personal disintegrator and some kind of very hitech matrix. They also meet the competition in the bidding. Instead of raiding the warehouse, they mark the matrix with a tracking device. The person marking the gun only pretends to do so because he's opposed to its use.

After winning a few minor lots, the PCs lose on the main items although the matrix doesn't meet its reserve. They try to hack into the ship which has won the gun. It turns out to be a heavily armed vessel disguised as a merchant vessel. They leave it alone and it leaves the system, seemingly without the gun whose tracker indicates it is still on the planet. Instead they decide to raid the warehouse. They accomplish this although it does require a fight with some pirates using vibrocutlasses. They make off with the goods and prepare to leave the system. They weren't particularly careful about the raid and are now wanted in the Bourbon system. Bounty hunters will be after them no doubt.

FATE didn't perform particularly well. With four players (and five this week) there are ten aspects each in play, as well as those of the systems and locations, and NPCs. It's a massive amount of information to manage. I got the feeling that it would have been a whole lot easier with GUMSHOE or MegaTraveller. The Diaspora system generation was interesting and the character generation works passably well, although it does mean that the histories of the PCs are massively intertwined, even before the game begins. This takes some justification if it's not to go gonzo.
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