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Molly Dancing

We were in Ely on Saturday when I shot this. Then we went to Peacocks tearoom and had the most amazing repaste, Welsh Rarebit, chocolate imperial tea and a butterscotch and almond pudding.


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Jan. 24th, 2011 01:07 pm (UTC)
I'd never heard of Molly Dancing which is a bit of a fail on my part as it's a local tradition.

Chocolate tea? Sounds intriguing.
Jan. 25th, 2011 09:50 am (UTC)
Chocolate Imperial tea is actually a caramel and vanilla blend. It was on the sweet side but very nice. They have over 50 teas so I thought I'd try something different.
Jan. 25th, 2011 11:04 am (UTC)
Sounds interesting. Not a big fan of caramel but I love vanilla.
Jan. 24th, 2011 03:48 pm (UTC)
Thanks for posting this:)
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