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Gauthier is a restaurant in Romilly St in Soho. chilledchimp took me there this evening. we both had the four course menu, although with amuse bouches, this turned into eight.

We started with canapés, peanut straws with red pepper and guacamole dips, salmon fishcakes and anchovies on tiny little rosti. Lots of strong flavours and a good start.

My first course was foie gras with a honey/berry chutney and a reduction of port - complementary and very smooth. chilledchimp had a velouté of langoustine with mini-prawns and a small tower of coconut flan.

This was followed with a tiny piece of roast pigeon in a pumpkin sauce. It was very well done, gamey and nutty. A nice little thing, although too rich for chilledchimp. We both had the same second course, a large cube of cod accompanied by salsify and cepes. I'm not a big mushroom fan but the fish was meatier than the fungi. On looking back, I think I probably would have prefered two meat dishes. This was well done but chilledchimp enjoyed it more than I did.

Next was the meat, I had rack of lamb with a herb crust, balanced so that the herbs didn't quite overcome the sweet strength of the lamb. chilledchimp had a rather larger portion of guinea fowl, rather pink but with crisp skin and lots of garlic.

Before the pudding we had a yohgurt sorbet with cubes and foam of rhubarb. This was a great little palate cleanser, sweet and acid, great fruit flavour.

Finally, we had Alain Ducasse's Louis XV, a thin base of dacquoise, chilled praline and a topping of rich dark chocolate. Like this one.

Finally, there were petit fours including a rose marshmallow with lemon sherbet and a slightly herby chocolate truffle.

The service was attentive but not stuffy, although the French accents were a little thick at times. We took 1:30 to get to the coffee and then chilled for another 30 minutes. It was good not to rush such a sumptious feast of flavours.

chilledchimp had a glass of Lebanese wine, Château Khoury Rêve blanc, a mixture of three grapes Gewurtztraminer, Chardonnay and Riesling. It had that very distinctive elderberry scent with tones of honey, suprisingly dry and fresh tasting, with a lingering finish.

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