gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

In search of an author

We went to a lecture last night, given by a German English professorat Birkbeck, on the culural phenomenon that is Jack the Ripper. The main focus was a foucaultian analysis of the construction of an author for the variou narratives. The main point of reference, even more than period documentation was Alan Moore's From Hell.

I made the point that with the disappearance of public executions and the appearance of new forms of journalism, as well as the Penny Dreadfuls and other famous murders (such as those in the Radcliffe Highway), perhaps the Ripper case was a culmination (or tipping point as chilledchimp put it) in public spectacle and sensationalism that has never gone away. Pr Scholz said that she hadn't considered that angle. So score a point for dilettante mathematicians.

It's an interetsing series on the night and the gothic hosted by Roger Luckhurst. It's a shame I missed the first three.

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