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HPL: Reanimated

Quelle Soirée! We spent last night in the company of Paul of Cthulhu at the first Lovecraftian show held in London (if not ever, then for rather a long time). It was held in the small venue that is the Old Horse Hospital off Russell Square.

The event was MCed by Chris Lackey of HPpodcraft fame and comprised the following:
- A shadow puppet version of the Old Gods.
- the Fitzrovia Radio Hour readings of The Temple and a letter from HPL to Gallamo which recounts a dream and was the basis for the Statement of Randolph Carter
- a clip from HPLS's Whisperer in Darkness
- an HPL quiz (I got about 10/15 so no prize for me)
- a presentation of Self Made Hero's Lovecraftian Anthology #1 (they also sponsored the gig, also Bizarre magazine) with the authors and illustrators of said volume signing it and the At the Mountains of Madness.
- two songs from HP Lovebox (Sway by Dean Martin and Creep by Radiohead), rewritten to suit the theme and with tentacles in his trousers and on his head.

An excellent time was had by all.

HP Lovebox

Chris Lackey


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