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FP's top 50 must read SF

Forbidden Planet has a top 50 of SF you must read, including one which has been out for less than a month. They cheat in that some entries include 4 or more books. I've bolded the 42 I've read. They won't be getting much custom from me out of this lot.

50. Embassytown (Hardcover)
49. Zoo City
48. The Windup Girl
47. Uplift: Book 1: Sundiver
46. The Reality Dysfunction

45. Cat's Cradle
44. SF Masterworks: The Difference Engine
43. SF Masterworks: Centauri Device
42. The Drowned World
41. SF Masterworks: Pavane
40. Make Room! Make Room!
39. The Player Of Games
38. Altered Carbon
37. SF Masterworks: Dying Inside
36. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: The Trilogy Of Four
35. SF Masterworks: Blood Music
34. S.F. Masterworks: Lord Of Light
33. SF Masterworks: Rendezvous With Rama
32. Zones Of Thought: A Fire Upon The Deep & A Deepness In The Sky
31. Mars: Book 1: Red Mars
30. SF Masterworks: Ubik
29. Fahrenheit 451
28. The Death Of Grass
27. SF Masterworks: Inverted World
26. SF Masterworks: The Female Man
25. SF Masterworks: Helliconia: Hellonica Spring, Helliconia Summer, & Helliconia Winter
24. S.F. Masterworks: I Am Legend
23. Day Of The Triffids
22. War Of The Worlds
21. The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress
20. A Canticle For Leibowitz
19. Ender's Game
18. Snow Crash
17. Foundation
16. S.F. Masterworks: The Stars My Destination
15. SF Masterworks: Flowers For Algernon
14. SF Masterworks: Stand On Zanzibar
13. Left Hand Of Darkness
12. S.F. Masterworks: Babel 17
11. Ringworld
10. SF Masterworks: Timescape
9. Childhood's End
8. The Man In The High Castle
7. S.F. Masterworks: Gateway
6. SF Masterworks: Dispossed
5. SF Masterworks: The Demolished Man
4. Neuromancer
3. Fantasy Masterworks: Book Of The New Sun Book 1 & Shadow & Claw Book 1
2. S.F. Masterworks: The Forever War
1. Dune

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