gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

Checkiing in.

So we're at Gen Con. Paula is playing a LARP that involves clowns - scary, and I've just finished the semi-final of the Cthulhu Masters in which I played an annoying kid who failed to save the world from destruction. Again. It was the intense LARPy kind of game that we like and although I didn't make the final, I did have two very good experiences.

Gen Con is such a massive tidal wave of experiences. It's too much to get your head round so you have to hope that every minute is worthwhile because you don't have the time to do everything.

But generally it's been excellent, the was a slight slip up on day one when I played the suckiest game of GURPS IoU imaginable, but I don't want to credit it with any more air time. Since then I've bought a metric shit load of cool indie games, put faces to names of many people who were just an alias and played some pretty neay shit, including a manic game of Cold City that Malc ran last night.

We also saw Redemption this morning. Every turn is an "epic battle for lost souls" in this biblical CCG. I would like to play a game but I can't really bring myself to give these people money.

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