gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

Noir, very noir

Our game of Mortal Coil just got very sleazy tonight. It's LA Noir style with the PCs embroiled in some kind of Tong warfare, Mafia boss disappearance, hunt for a mysterious package.

Paula's PC Ginny, a Police Chief's runaway 16 year old daughter now a junkie hooker, decided to define the fact that she could enthrall men. The price I set was that she had to have sex with them. This lead to Ginny having sex with an orderly at the Sanatorium to escape from her room. Then she found Simon's PI PC Matt in a padded cell having been beaten up by the Police Chief's goons. He was too badly injured to resist her advances and was enthralled to get her away from there.

Then Ginny escaped from Matt and gave a taxi driver a blow job to drive her back to her pad. Of course he was driving so slowly that Matt easily followed her and got her back.

And then the LAPD used a human sacrifice to a totem they stole during a raid on the Dragon Tong to prevent anyone from using magic in the Police HQ.

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